Double Coupled

three layer composite made from a mat and two mattresses in cut fiber stitched on both sides of the mat.

Weight (g/m2)Height StandardWeaveWarp (tex)Texture (Tex)Mat (g/m2)Mat 2 (g/m2)
AC3. 150/300/150 J 615120PLAIN600600150150
AC3. 225/500/225 J 965120PLAIN12001200225225
AC3. 225/500/225 RJ 975120REPS12001750225225
AC3. 340/300/340 J 995120PLAIN600600340340
AC3. 300/500/300 J 1115120PLAIN12001200300300
AC3. 300/600/300 J 1215120PLAIN12001200300300
AC3. 300/600/300 RJ 1215120REPS12002400300300