Our technical office supports our clients in the identification of specific solutions to the various application needs. Our substantial expertise and experience allow us to provide new and original proposals, combining different fabrics to obtain the best results with the lowest application time.

In addition to the production of mats, coupled, unique and unidirectional fabrics of all kinds, in various grammage, height, and armor, our coupling and chopping department can count on specialized equipment with multi-axial fabrics and the most various supports such as draining polypropylene mats and surface veils.

This allows us to find the optimal solution for the different resin finish systems (rolling, RTM, infusion, press).  Particular attention is devoted to our customer service, which distinguishes itself for the seriousness with which respects delivery schedules as well as product implementation speed.

The whole productive process, which takes place entirely in Italy, is followed with extreme care and attention allowing us to offer substantial guarantees in terms of timing, quality, and customization process to provide an excellent product at the right price.